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A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Fireboy is an small, endless jumping game inspired by doodle jump and downwell. The higher you go, the better your score.

Move fireboy with A, D or right/left arrow keys. You can dash in midair using Space key, but it'll cost some of your fire. You die if your fire reaches zero, or if you fall too far.

You bounce off normal platforms, lose fire from water platforms and recovers fire from fire platforms. Jumping on top of enemies also gives you more fire.

Bouncing is automatic, but fire platforms allow you to stop and wait. When you're ready, bounce off it with the action (Space key) button to execute a dash and kill any enemy in your way!

Fireboy grows bigger and faster as you fill the fire meter. The more fire you have, the more you can dash. If you manage to max out your fire meter, your score will be multiplied by the total duration that you kept your fire maxed.

Be careful, though, the more fire you have, the faster enemies will spawn! Fire platforms will not be generated as frequently when your fire meter is high.

The game uses the gameboy color palette, because I'm a programmer and I don't understand how color works at all xP

The was developed using Love2d. All sprites were created by the me using Aseprite. Sadly, this game has no music or any audio whatsoever, but I intend on working on that post LD.

Fireboy was created by Gabriel Naves, an aspiring game developer based in Brazil, for the Ludum Dare Compo #40

Linux version was added *post-compo*, on 10/12/2017. The only difference from the windows version is that it's the file directly, instead of a fusion of the love binary file with Installation instructions can be found in the file.

FIreboy source code is available at

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Published 13 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux
TagsEndless, Ludum Dare 40
LinksLudum Dare

Install instructions

To play, download the file and extract to whichever folder you prefer. Then, just run Fireboy.exe


Download 47 kB
Download 2 MB

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